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Digital Marketing

North Shields

Job Details:

Job Description

As a copywriter, your role is to compose engaging, intelligent, jargon-free writing for business, charity, and public sector organisation clients.

Why would someone actually want to pay you to write for them? Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. A person may run a great business selling market-leading products and services and their customers love them. But, if someone was to put a piece of paper in front of that person and ask them to write about their company, they’d come up blank.

That’s where a copywriter comes in. You’ll write blog posts, sales letters, email campaigns, and more with two main aims:

  • To get people to engage and like your clients’ businesses
  • To get them to make enquiries so your clients’ sales teams can take over

Main role/responsibilities

Copy writing is going to be one of the major growth areas in the economy to be in for the next decade and more as marketing moves away from direct to online.

You’ll learn how to write copy for different reasons and for different audiences when you work for us. You will be enrolled on the digital marketing course which will teach you a whole other range of skills that will equip you for a career in text-based marketing.

You’ll write between 5 and 7 articles a day across a wide range of subjects – from HR to dentistry to short term loans to solar panels. You’ll learn all the skills you need to write copy that clients really appreciate on subjects you know nothing or next to nothing about!

Desired skills and qualities

There is pressure to perform but you’re backed up by a lot of support and help. This role would suit someone with the following characteristics and qualifications:

  • High grade in English Language or Literature at GCSE
  • High grade in an English language-related A Level (if you went to college is desirable but not necessary)
  • You’re naturally creative and you enjoy the creative process
  • You want to be an expert in your field within 2-3 years – you don’t have 10 or 20 years to wait
  • We have a team of funny, very likeable apprentices and employees here and you want to be surrounded by people like that all day
  • You’re not afraid of hard work – in fact, you say “bring it on!”

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