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Sales Apprentice


Key Responsibilities:

  • This is a customer facing role.
  • To manage and update on a daily basis the Company Website, Social Media and electronic communications
  • To assist in maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of all sales and marketing functions.


  1. To update and administer the Company Website, social media and electronic communications on a daily basis.
  2. To maintain accurate and up to date records in the Admin base Sales Database program and follow up quotations
  3. To plan and maintain marketing and  e-marketing activities including planning and attending exhibitions, Open Weekends and other promotional events.
  4. To visit Company Installations and photograph and prepare case studies and upload to the website and social media and maintain a photographic library of projects.
  5. To visit installations and plan and carry out local marketing activities.
  6. To ensure that all incoming and outgoing telephone calls are logged appropriately and handled in line with operational procedures.
  7. To maintain the sales filing systems and procedures in an effective manner to ensure that information is stored and can be retrieved efficiently.
  8. To provide refreshments, as appropriate, for visitors to the Premises and maintain the refreshment preparation area in a clean and organised manner.
  9. To provide administrative cover, in the absence of other colleagues, for such operational tasks and duties required to maintain the smooth running of the Company.

Wage:  £3.50 per hour.



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