5 Things you will overcome throughout your Apprenticeship


5 Things you will overcome throughout your Apprenticeship

As an Apprentice, there is no doubt you will be tested. I can say from personal experience with my own Apprenticeship, there are obstacles you will overcome that you won’t have even thought about yet.  Within the work-place and in your personal life, an Apprenticeship will test you. It’s not all negative though. The life skills you will learn throughout your Apprenticeship, will set you up and stay with you for the rest of your life. Not only will you learn transferable skills, but you’ll learn more about yourself than you could ever have expected. You’ll surprise yourself. Here are 5 things you may need to overcome within your Apprenticeship and how it will help you in the long run.


1) Assignments

When people look at Apprenticeships, they usually assume you learn on the job. They’re not wrong but they’re also not entirely right. Throughout your Apprenticeship, you will learn the theory behind your chosen trade just like you would at school/college. I was one of the people who thought you’d just learn on the job. At the time it wasn’t something that I was enthusiastic about but now, I’m glad. On the job, you’ll learn how to do your job. In the classroom, you’ll learn why you’re doing it and embedding the knowledge of how. You’re constantly learning.


So how will this experience help you in the long-term? It’s simple really. It’ll teach you that you need to be open-minded. Something that I thought was going to be a hindrance has turned out to be extremely valuable to me.


2) Workload

One of the most difficult things I’ve personally encountered in my Apprenticeship has to be the task of managing my workload. In my job role, when I first started I found it difficult to make time for every task I had to complete. Some tasks would have to be moved to the next day and then I had to move the next day’s task to the next and the cycle continued. I couldn’t work like that. I decided to make a system for myself and it helped massively. Since I implemented my system, I’ve been able to complete my tasks like clockwork. This is going to be massively helpful to me for the rest of my life. In everything I do, if I start to become overwhelmed with the workload, I have a system that works to help me manage it.


When you first start your apprenticeship I predict you’ll find yourself in a similar situation. In time you’ll find out what system works for you. By the time you finish your programme, you’ll be able to manage your workload with finesse.


3) Managing Finances

Within your Apprenticeship, you’ll be making a living. Being able to manage your finances effectively is a very useful skill you will pick up. My Apprenticeship wasn’t my first job but it was the first job where my wage was big enough to manage. Being young and having no financial responsibilities is not a good combination. When I first started my Apprenticeship, I’d almost certainly struggle to make my money last the whole month. Now I’m nearing the end of my programme, I can safely say I’m a lot better at managing my money.


Being able to manage your money isn’t just going to help you in the short term. As you progress through life, this is one of those things that will become more prevalent in your everyday life.


4) Being creative

Within my job role, I’m required to be constantly creative in the way I approach tasks. This can sometimes be quite a challenging process. Almost every aspect of my job role requires creativity, for example, when I come across a problem I have to think outside of the box to try and resolve the issue. This is something you will almost definitely come across in your apprenticeship. But if your apprenticeship is anything like mine, you’ll come away from it with the ability to think outside the box and be creative in the way you approach problem-solving.


5) Adjusting to work-life

Like I said earlier, my Apprenticeship wasn’t my first job, but it was my first experience at full-time employment. Working part-time allowed me to dip my toes into the work-life experience but it wasn’t enough to assist me in my transition to work. After a month or so into my programme, I felt like I had adjusted. The main thing is, you will adjust. An Apprenticeship will give you a perfect understanding of a working lifestyle which will benefit you for the rest of your professional career.


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