A Day Out of the Office

A Day Out of the Office

I have recently spent the day doing something that a person in my role wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to do. Working for a training provider, delivering high-quality Apprenticeships, a large part of the tutors’ day is spent visiting learners in their workplace.  I got to tag along on a couple of the visits, which was certainly an eye-opening experience. Observing the tutors, working to help the learners so that they are fully prepared for End Point Assessment, was fascinating.


The two learners we visited are both Digital Marketing Apprentices. Alex works for the Auckland Project and Kane is from Langdale Estates.

Alex from The Auckland Project:

As she is no stranger to the Apprenticeship process, when we chatted about her experience with us, she had a lot of positive comments about ITEC North East.


(AP) “What inspired you to apply for an Apprenticeship with ITEC?”


(AG) “I’ve worked for The Auckland Project for many years now, and my company is a firm believer in upskilling their employees. This is my third Apprenticeship. When I applied for my first Apprenticeship I had just completed 2 years at college and I couldn’t see any financial sense in going to university and paying for a degree to be overqualified for a role with no experience. I then decided an Apprenticeship would be the best way to further my career and I saw it as a way to get a foot in the door of a professional career.”


(AP) “Do you feel like an Apprenticeship was the right career choice for you?”


(AG) “Yes, 100%.  An Apprenticeship was the best thing I could have done for my career and throughout my Apprenticeships, I’ve always had the opportunity to develop my skillset whilst progressing my career”.


(AP) “How’ve you found your experience of ITEC throughout your Apprenticeship?”


(AG) “Really good. The tutoring has been far more engaging in comparison to my previous Apprenticeships. I think ITEC was the best training provider I could have gone to. They’re far more focused on the individual to ensure they are competent with the work that they need to do in their workplace. Another thing that I appreciated about ITEC was the fact they offered support to people who may be struggling at home and I thought this was a nice touch because they are ensuring we’re okay both in and out of the workplace.”


Kane from Langdale Estates:

After leaving The Auckland Project, we headed towards Langdale Estates. We met with Kane, who is a Digital Marketing Apprentice at his family run business.  Here is the full transcript of the conversation I had with Kane.


(AP) “What made you apply for an Apprenticeship with ITEC North East?”


(KL) “I wanted to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with ITEC because I wanted to help springboard the family business into the Digital Marketing sector”


(AP) “Do you feel like an Apprenticeship was the right career choice for you?”


(KL) “I feel like I definitely made the right choice. The delivery of Off-the-Job Training has been hugely beneficial to my role. I enjoy working in a safe environment and I get on well with my tutors who they tailor their teaching style to meet my needs, which ensures I get the most out of my Apprenticeship.”


(AP) “Would you recommend an Apprenticeship with ITEC North East to a friend?”


(KL) “I would strongly recommend an Apprenticeship with ITEC to anyone who might be considering this route. I believe the tutors have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and experience within their chosen sector. This will be hugely beneficial for you and your Apprenticeships.”


Both of the learners we visited have distinct personalities and this is evident in the tutors’ approach and how they interact with them individually. Although End Point Assessment is on the horizon for Alex and Kane, I know they will definitely be fully prepared when the time comes. The tutors ensure their learners have all of the information needed for their visit. I know they are willing to go above and beyond for their learners and not to just tick a box as part of their job, they do it because they care.


All in all, this was a very insightful day out of the office and away from the norm.  I learned a great deal about what our tutors do outside of the classroom. It’s evident how much time and effort is spent on each of and every one of our learners.



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