ADHD Awareness Month

It is currently National ADHD awareness month and we spoke to Andy, our Digital Marketing Tutor about his experiences with ADHD.

“I was fairly old when I received my ADHD diagnosis, all things considered. I started being investigated for it only 2 years ago but it was something that I put off for a very long time. When you ask people to describe someone with ADHD you tend to get the same sorts of response. It is usually something along the lines of “oh look a squirrel” or some other hilarious misunderstanding of how ADHD actually works.

This silly dismissal meant that I didn’t think this diagnosis applied to me. This is one of the main struggles people with ADHD face every day, the assumption and stigma that comes with a condition that affects concentration and organisation. 

Before my own diagnosis I didn’t realise why I struggled with certain things that my peers found easy and on the flipside why they sometimes just couldn’t keep up with my thought process. I couldn’t figure out why everything was so slow and why I couldn’t motivate myself to do things, even if I desperately wanted to. 

Then I began to get my diagnosis from doctors and suddenly things started to click into place. As a teacher I became a little panicked, could I still do this job with ADHD? Now that I knew, would that have an effect on the way I teach or the way students interacted with me? 

For the most part we are now moving towards a more understanding world when looking at neurodivergency, people with ADHD are not scatter brained or difficult to handle. My own personal experience with ADHD has definitely taught me how to be a better teacher, if my students don’t learn the way we teach then maybe it is time to teach in the way that they learn” 

ADHD Awareness Month