ITEC NE welcomed Antony High to talk to staff and students about his diverse work history and a career path that took him from local council estate Whinney Banks in Middlesbrough to Deputy Mayor of his home town. 

Antony left school with careers advice and guidance that gave him no hope or inspiration to be his best self. Antony chose an apprenticeship path in Engineering which could have seen him travel the world but decided this just wasn’t for him. He made a choice and through a variety of life experiences some good, some challenging, Antony went into drug abuse programmes to support local people where he found his passion in helping others. 

Move forward nearly 20 years Antony has managed some high profile government contracts in his local area to offer support for those people affected by drug abuse but also to create opportunities for local people. Using this experience Antony turned to politics standing for his local party, breaking records in terms of support backed by a keen interest in developing the local area and improving facilities for residents. Antony took this to the next level to become Deputy Mayor of Middlesbrough, a fantastic achievement but one which he says simply enabled him to do better work for his local town!

Our staff and students are grateful for Antony taking time from his busy schedule to speak with us today, highly motivating.

Thank you Antony!