Digital Marketing Masterclass

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Masterclass

As a training provider, our main focus has to be our learners. Every year, hundreds of learners pass through ITEC North East with the goal of completing their apprenticeship. When this happens nothing makes us happier. Recently, the apprenticeship layout changed. Before the change, after you completed all of our assignments you’d have finished your apprenticeship. Now, you have to complete your assignments, create a portfolio of work and complete a 2-hour interview with an external assessor. This is a big jump. The difficulty in apprenticeships has changed drastically.


For this reason, everyone at ITEC North East is incredibly proud of all of our Digital Marketing Learners. So far, out of all the apprentices we’ve submitted for End Point Assessment, all have passed. There are two ways we can look at this great achievement. When I think about this achievement I always think about it from two different perspectives. I can look at it from the learners perspective and be incredibly proud of their hard work and we can look at it from our tutors perspective and be proud of the work he has done with our learners. Ultimately, this achievement is warranted in credit to everyone involved. The End Point Assessment process is a new one to ITEC North East and our tutors have done an incredible job navigating through the challenges they’ve faced along the way. To have a 100% pass rate is something that should be celebrated.


Ultimately, I want to congratulate all of our Digital Marketing learners. As someone who has done his own Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and went through the entire process, I know first hand the challenges that come with it. Hats off to everyone for their amazing success!


If you want to find yourself on the same course of success as all of our other Digital Marketing apprentices head over to http://www.itecne.co.uk/vacancies/ to apply for our vacancies.

ITEC North East are now working from home so you can no longer reach us on 01325 320052. To contact us with enquiries, email hello@itecne.co.uk or call 07783 336695 ONLY during office hours.