Digital Skills and the Future

Recently our Digital Marketing Tutor Andy attended the TechTalent 2021 expo event ran by Sunderland Software City where he did a talk all about the importance of digital skills and employment. What are the most important skills that you would need to make sure that you are future proof in your job role? We have asked our resident digital expert Andy to give us a few short tips on what skills you need to develop. 

Hi there, Andy here! I know the world is changing massively in terms of all of the new and amazing digital technologies we need to learn about.

Previously if I wanted to show someone my lunch I would have to use up several stamps, some ziplock bags and a fraught relationship with my local post office. These days it’s all at the tips of my fingers and that photo of my homemade tacos can be shared across the world. The digital skills that we have picked up have become even more vital than ever before and the digital skills gap has become more and more obvious.  

Here are a few of my top tips for areas of our digital skills that we need to make sure that we can develop. 


1) Remote Working 

The world is still currently in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has totally changed our relationship with the way that we work. Where previously we would have been travelling to the office now we roll out of bed try to make ourselves look vaguely presentable and make sure that our webcams aren’t showing the fact we are still wearing our cartoon print PJ bottoms with the curry stain on the left leg. Remote working technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoTo Meeting are now the standard way of working and learning how to use these technologies is vital as the world continues to develop a more flexible approach to working from home. The main things to remember with technologies is that it isn’t all just video calls that could have been emails. It is also working collaboratively with your team in more and more seamless ways. Tools like Google Drive allow you to all share and work on documents in real time, tools such as Trello ensure that you can organise your time within your workplace. Whether you are already in the workplace and are struggling with getting to grips with these tools or you are wanting to find a new role being proficient with Remote and Collaborative technologies is a vital skill to have in this day and age. Click here to find out more about our Collaborative Technologies course. 

2) Basic IT Skills 

Digital skills are becoming the bread and butter of every single job. No matter what career path you are on you will need to be able to use some sort of computer skills. Either word processing, creating presentations or making a spreadsheet to track how many times you have gotten a takeaway this month so you can pretend to budget, the Microsoft Office package is vital. Having qualifications that prove your computer literacy will help you advance your career and lets face it with everything being more and more digitally based its becoming the most important skills you can have. The basics are not just something that are needed by one particular group, young or old we all need digital skills in the 21st century. Click here to find out more about our IT skills courses 

3) Digital Marketing 

Obviously as ITEC’s Digital Marketing tutor I might be slightly biased in thinking that Digital Marketing is a vital digital skill. The pandemic has shown the the future is digital and there has been a huge increase in people starting their own businesses either as people breaking into a new industry or as a side hustle. Among my own former students there have been soap shops, football podcasts and freelance marketing firms. Every business needs some sort of social presence, it is the largest audience in the world and is most peoples preferred form of contact with businesses. There is also the fact there are so many different areas that you can help your business from SEO to improve your position on google,  to the creation of amazing multimedia content or even just training in the different opportunities Google can provide you for your business. Not only is digital marketing vital to promote all businesses it is also important to be aware of in general as it becoming the largest communication and entertainment tool in the world. Click here to find out more about our Digital Promotion for business courses. 


Hopefully that has helped give you some insight into the wide range of digital skills that you need to develop in order to help fill that digital skills gap and improve your own personal computer literacy. If you are interested in any of our short courses just get in touch on or visit our Courses page to find out more.