ITEC North East has recently developed an e-learning resource studio which includes industry lighting, camera and sound equipment to allow the development of fantastic and engaging e-learning resources for our

Pioneering the use of the studio for the first time was Andy Bremner, our Digital Marketing tutor. Andy wanted to develop some resources for the Digital Marketer apprenticeship as well as the Digital Promotion for Business short course. Andy was integral in the setup of the e-learning studio and with his previous industry experience he has introduced a number of innovative concepts in terms of online delivery.

With regards to the potential of the new e-learning studio, Andy said “It’s great to be able to develop some amazing resources that will benefit all of our learners. It allows learners the ability to access flipped learning and have access to a resource that will be accessible at anytime, anywhere.”

Click here to view the first video that has been developed.

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