Equality & Diversity Policy

“Equality and Diversity” is the term used to promote equal access to all within the workplace. ITEC North East aims to ensure that no learners, members of staff or visitors receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, skin colour, learning difficulty, disability, mental or physical health status, sexual orientation, marital status, age, class or religion.

We also require all employers working with ITEC North East to promote equal access and ensure no learners receive less favourable treatment on the grounds outlined above. When our WBL Tutors visit an employer and learner, they will discuss equal opportunities and will be happy to share ITEC North East’s Equality and Diversity Policy with any organisation who has not produced their own. We can also arrange for free training should any organisation wish to further develop their equality and diversity arrangements. It is the responsibility of an employer to operate an equal opportunities policy which meets all legal requirements.

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