Recent research by the Edge Foundation shows 76% of recent university graduates say experience of work is important when trying to find a job, whilst 54% said qualifications were important.

The survey found that among employed graduates, almost half are in jobs which don’t require a degree and over a quarter said they could have got where they are now without going to university.

A third of recent university graduates said their degree wasn’t worth the money.
27 per cent said if they were making the decision again they would consider doing an apprenticeship.
The Edge Foundation’s Acting Chief Executive, David Harbourne, said: “People have been led to believe that a degree is a guaranteed passport to success when in fact university is not the only route to a rewarding and prosperous career.

“Our research reveals that many young graduates feel let down. We need a range of learning options, not only because graduates are feeling short changed on their investment, but because we need a skills base which will serve the increasingly technical and diverse UK economy.”

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