Have you received your A Level & GCSE results?

This week is a special week for students up and down the country as they’ve received their GCSE and A Level results. Now that you’ve received your results it’s not time to decide on what your next steps need to be.



If you’ve received your GCSE results, you’ll be asking yourself, “do I want to go to college or apply for an apprenticeship?” and if you’ve received, you’re A Level results, you’ll be asking yourself “Do I apply for University or for an apprenticeship?”. Both questions are important in your next steps as a young adult as it could determine the trajectory of your professional career.



The next big question is, “how can I make sure the decision I make is the right one for me?” the answer to that question is by contacting ITEC North East. Our Learner Recruitment team will be more than happy to speak with you and help you make the right choice for you. 



To speak to our learner recruitment team, you can call 07881 377824 and email k.collier@itecne.co.uk.


To view our current apprenticeship vacancies please visit