IT User Skills at Debenhams

IT User Skills at Debenhams

Over the past week, ITEC North East has been delivering IT user skills courses in collaboration with Debenhams. The purpose of the course was to help members who of staff gain qualifications outside of their usual profession. All of the learners had been working for Debenhams for a prolonged period of time so they didn’t have many transferable skills for other professions.


As the Middlesbrough branch of Debenhams was closing, Debenhams and ITEC North East saw fit that we provided them with new skills they can carry into their new job role. This is how we landed on the IT User Skills course. Using IT in your job role is something that has become a mainstay in almost every profession and as we continue in the digital age it’s only going to continue.


Everyone at ITEC North East is proud that Debenhams placed their trust in us to deliver this course. To have our name alongside theirs is no mean feat.


Our free IT User Skills is open to the general public as well so if you have any interest in finding out more out of the course please click here.

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