IT User Skills

Course Overview

This course is suitable for people who would like to develop their knowledge, understanding and competence in a range of different IT skills. Particularly those who use IT in their current job role.

What will I learn?

This course will allow you to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to a level recognised by employers and thus proving competency.


Using IT software is becoming progressively more prominent in our job roles. This course offers you the perfect opportunity to scratch up on your IT skills ensuring you don’t get left behind in this constant progression of digital influence.


More specifically, you’ll learn the following units:

  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Presentation Software
  • Word Processing Software
  • Using Email and Improving Productivity using IT

What are the benefits of doing the course?

Through the course, you will receive a Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills. Qualification isn’t the only thing you’ll gain though, this course offers you a wide range of benefits. The main benefit being the opportunity to upskill your IT skills. IT is at the forefront of every business and plays a vital role in ensuring the business runs smoothly.


Why not enrol onto the course to ensure you have the necessary skills to perform IT duties competently?

What do I need to be eligible for the course?

To be able to access this free, fully-funded course you will need to meet the criteria listed below:


  • Currently employed & have a home postcode in the County Durham area

Course Info

Course Duration




Delivery Method

Flexible Online Delivery with Tutor support


Enrol now!

To register your interest for the course please fill out the form in the sidebar.Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01325 320052 or email us at hello@itecne.co.uk.


ITEC North East are now working from home so you can no longer reach us on 01325 320052. To contact us with enquiries, email hello@itecne.co.uk or call 07783 336695 ONLY during office hours.