ITEC North East are celebrating Sophie’s outstanding success!

ITEC North East are celebrating Sophie’s outstanding success!

Sophie Mundell who is employed at Evenwood Medical Practice as a Medical Receptionist is our first student at ITEC North East to successfully complete her Level 3 Business Administrator Standards Qualification and… achieve overall Distinction grades.


This ‘recently new’ qualification is designed to meet the skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers require in all small and large businesses across the public, private and charitable sectors.


Sophie’s learning journey

Sophie began her Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standards on the 9th March 2018, which has an equivalency of 2 ‘A’ Levels.  Just recently, Sophie passed her online knowledge test and achieved a Distinction grade.  She then went onto showcase her portfolio and project/presentation to an independent end-point assessor and achieved Distinctions for both of these components too!


Sophie’s Apprenticeship Programme has provided her with the opportunity of working independently and as part of a team.  In addition to this, she has also been involved in developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services.


Furthermore, Sophie has achieved a firm grounding of organisational operations and functional processes, as well as an understanding of the wider working environment.


Overall, Sophie has developed key skills and behaviours to support her own personal and professional development progression and is now looking forward to embarking on a Level 5 Management Qualification, starting this September.


Reflecting on the Apprenticeship Programme

Now that Sophie has had a little time to reflect on her learning journey, I wanted to ask her about her experience as an apprentice.


How do you feel about being the first apprentice at ITEC North East to complete the Business Administrator Level 3 Standards and achieve Distinction grades?


‘I feel really proud of myself to achieve Distinctions, especially to be the first one through this new qualification as I didn’t really know what to expect.’


How have you benefitted from completing your Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship?


‘My confidence has grown. I now have a lot more confidence both personally and professionally when speaking to people internally and externally.  Throughout the duration of my course, I have had to practice interviews as part of the endpoint assessment process.  I also feel that I have developed my presentation techniques.’


In addition to the above, Sophie also explained that she now has a deeper understanding of the sector in which she works in terms of the organisation’s stakeholders, external environmental factors, policies, processes, legislation and business fundamentals.

Sophie also commented that she has thoroughly enjoyed attending ITEC for the off the job teaching sessions, in particular, the classroom situation support and having the opportunity to meet other people, especially in terms of the Tutor support and the students learning from each other.


What advice would you give to other learners wishing to embark on the BA level 3 apprenticeship, or any apprenticeship in general?

‘Give it your best shot, as you will receive immense support from your employer and the Tutors from ITEC… even if you feel a little nervous.’


What are you looking forward to in the future in terms of your personal and professional development?


‘I am now looking forward to expanding on my skills even more in the workplace and commencing my level 5 Management course which starts in September.’



From the Employer’s Perspective


When discussing Sophie’s outstanding accolade with Helen Elmore (Sophie’s Manager and Mentor at the practice), I ask her how she felt that Sophie’s apprenticeship had benefitted the organisation as a whole?


‘I feel that when you get an Apprentice from scratch, they then have the scope to ‘mould’ to the workplace.  Undertaking an apprenticeship is very good for a business and if the employee didn’t have the skills before, they will have the opportunity to learn and earn from day one.  From the employer’s perspective, an apprenticeship has many benefits, for example, developing a high calibre of staff, securing the best new talent, supporting employees to develop skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to their jobs and saving on recruitment costs.’


Helen also went on to comment that, ‘An apprentice has the opportunity to rise through the ranks and do really well.   For Sophie in particular, she now has the skills, knowledge experience and confidence to reach for other opportunities – the doors are wide open!’     


Why would you recommend completing an apprenticeship to other learners and employers?


‘It’s a good way for young people and adults to learn and earn – apprenticeships are definitely the way forward.   Working in partnership with ITEC has been a really good experience and I would not hesitate to do it again in the future.’