ITEC North East achieves the Cyber Essentials Award!

ITEC North East achieves the Cyber Essentials Award!

ITEC North East are proud to announce our recent Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials is a UK Government certification which allows businesses to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they have implemented essential security controls to manage their cyber risk. The certification aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cybersecurity seriously.


We are delighted to have achieved this certification and can confidently demonstrate to our stakeholders that we take cybersecurity seriously, and have met the standards of this nationally recognised award.


Cyber attacks are occurring on a more frequent basis than ever before. Organisations must ensure they have taken the necessary steps to protect their data, infrastructure and ensures compliance with the demands of GDPR. In the UK alone, there were a reported 65,000 cyber attacks every day. One in three small businesses suffered a cyber breach  – equivalent to over 4,500 successful attacks per day.


We would recommend our partners consider this award and would be happy to offer our experience of the process. Please contact us for further information, or to start the process of certification visit https://www.cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk/.


You can find out more information about cyber attacks in the UK at https://www.hiscoxgroup.com/news/press-releases/2018/18-10-18.



ITEC North East are now working from home so you can no longer reach us on 01325 320052. To contact us with enquiries, email hello@itecne.co.uk or call 07482445533 during office hours.