Learner of the Month Award

Learner of the Month Award

Phoebe commenced her Business Administrator level 3 Apprenticeship on the 22nd October 2018 at Bishops Close Medical Practice in Spennymoor.


During the first three months of Phoebe’ learning journey, she began to develop a variety of essential skills related to the tasks she was performing, such as; IT skills, recording information, communication skills, meeting her deadlines, planning and organising and ensuring the quality of her completed tasks were of a high standard.


In addition to the above, Phoebe has also excelled in gaining knowledge around the company policies and procedures. Sue Greenwell (Phoebe’s employer representative) confirmed that Phoebe had been a great help and her support to other members when producing high quality, accurate documents for their CQC visit. The staff at the practice felt that Phoebe had excellent IT skills to create posters, tables, lists, borders, flow charts. This task also provided Phoebe with the knowledge of the company missions, visions and values and the responsible stakeholders within the practice.


During my discussion with Sue, she also confirmed to me that as well as Phoebe’s everyday tasks, she is also now developing her secretarial skills where she has been working alongside one of the other secretaries who is really impressed with phoebes progress to date. This additional role has provided Phoebe with the opportunity to successfully produce documents from audio dictation software. Sue mentioned that on reading through one of the documents that Phoebe had produced, the quality, layout, accuracy was of a very high standard and she ensured that it complied with company guidelines for house style conventions.


Phoebe has also taken the opportunity to sit with the rest of the team in the staff room during lunch/break times, where she will actively join in with the discussions. This has helped Phoebe immensely with building up a rapport with the team and communicating with them effectively.


Sue also wanted to add that Phoebe has had no sick days. In fact, she is early every day and is not in a rush to leave. This shows us that she is a dedicated staff member who is already demonstrating role model traits.


A final comment from sue was with regard to Phoebe making a brilliant start in developing her skills, knowledge and behaviour within Bishops Close Medical Practice. She is an asset to our team and is continuing to make excellent progress.



Everyone here at ITEC North East wants to congratulate Phoebe on her achievements and wish her all the best for the future.


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