Liam Teasdale is nominated for Learner Award

Liam Teasdale is nominated for Learner Award


Liam Teasdale – IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professional Apprentice.



Here at Acklam Grange School we have several apprentices all at different levels, who individually contribute to our outstanding staff team. We pride ourselves on supporting our apprentices in every way possible to give them the knowledge and skills to exceed in their future prospects. We have several success stores which have seen apprentices complete both the Level 2 and Level 3 qualification that have been offered permanent positions within the school.


Liam has been a vital member of the IT services team and has excelled throughout his time here at Acklam Grange School.  He has been nominated several times for the school’s Geek of the week award and is highly respected by other members of school staff. The commitment that we have seen from Liam throughout the past 2 years is exceptional and we are excited to see Liam continue to develop and progress onto his Level 4 apprenticeship.







Liam Teasdale, Apprentice and Mr Chris Knock, IT Service and Development Manager.