New Apprentice at Colehouse UK

New Apprentice at Colehouse UK

Jordan started his apprenticeship journey with ITEC when he attended one of our recruitment events. From the onset Jordan arrived punctually, smiling and always enthused about his future. We had recently been out to visit Steve at Colehouse Communications, a marketing agency that delivers high impact communications, advertising, and marketing campaigns for clients across the UK. Steve was looking to grow the business by taking on his first Apprentice. After discussing the various Apprenticeships we provide, Steve decided to go for a Digital Marketing Apprentice.


Colehouse gave Jordan a work trial after impressing in his interview. Jordan’s work trial showcased his many positive qualities. As a result, Jordan was offered the position. Jordan was the ideal candidate, he was already utilising his social media skills by publishing advertisements on a variety of different social media platforms, such as on Instagram & Facebook. This apprenticeship then provided Jordan with the opportunity to kick-start his career within a sector that he is passionate about.  Steven Cole, Founder of Colehouse Communications said “Jordan has already become a valuable addition to the team at Colehouse. He has been working on a range of digital marketing projects for a number of our clients and learning some new skills and techniques along the way.”


Jordan’s success story is just one of many. Here at ITEC, we understand that not everyone wants to go to university but still want a career. That’s why we deliver apprenticeships. So we can provide opportunities for career-driven people like Jordan. Like many of our apprentices, you can find yourself on track for a long and successful career in a booming industry. Apply for an apprenticeship with ITEC and you could be our next success story!

The North East Times has written a piece about Jordans Apprenticeship with Colehouse UK, you can find it at https://netimesmagazine.co.uk/times-live/strengthening-the-team-with-an-apprentice/.

If you would like to find out more information on our apprenticeships you can visit https://www.itecne.co.uk/apprenticeships/.

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