New Tees Valley Employer Grant for Apprenticeships

New Tees Valley Employer Grant for Apprenticeships

The Tees Valley Combined Authority are offering a fantastic grant for businesses who are committed to creating new apprenticeship opportunities in the Tees Valley area.


The grant supports SME’s with less than 249 employees that create apprenticeship opportunities for those aged 16-20 within priority sectors.


ITEC North East currently offer the Digital Marketer apprenticeship which falls into the digital priority sector. The grant is only available for apprentices starting their employment on or after 18th June 2020.

·         Apprentices must be aged 16-20.

·         The grant (if successful) covers 100% of the apprentice wage for 6 months, followed by 50% of their wage for the remainder of the apprenticeship programme.


Are you interested in taking up this amazing offer? Contact our Business Development team to discuss how your business can use this amazing grant.


Email hello@itecne.co.uk.co.uk or visit here to contact us.

ITEC North East are now working from home so you can no longer reach us on 01325 320052. To contact us with enquiries, email hello@itecne.co.uk or call 07783 336695 ONLY during office hours.