Outstanding Apprentice and Employer Acknowledged

Outstanding Apprentice and Employer Acknowledged

Staff and pupils at Shildon’s Timothy Hackworth Primary School are united in their appreciation of the contribution Jordan Hopkins brings to life in school as their Apprentice IT Technician.


Pauline Crook, School Business Manager, Jordan Hopkins, Apprentice,Tracy Wilson, ITEC’s Managing Director and Mrs Lynn Boulton, Head Teacher.Presentations of ITEC’s Employer and Learner Awards.

“Jordan has had a huge impact on IT in school, it’s really beneficial having an IT Technician on hand dealing with issues as they arise.Jordan also provides classroom support in other subjects and extra curricular activities.  He’s a respected member of the school community and we are very pleased he is looking to gain additional qualifications and develop his career in education.”

Jordan comments, “I’m really enjoying my work, I’ve learned an incredible amount during my IT Apprenticeship and felt fully supported by ITEC and the school.I didn’t imagine working in a school environment, including classroom support would inspire me to develop my role.  I have recently assisted the Chess Coach at an after school club which I really enjoy.”

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