Princes Trust at ITEC.

Princes Trust at ITEC.

What is the Princes Trust?

Last week we held an event at our Middlesbrough centre for the Princes Trust. Founded by Prince Charles in 1976, the charity has been hugely beneficial for youth employment in the UK. All over the UK, there are struggling children at schools who are at risk of exclusion as well as 16 – 30-year-olds struggling with employment. These are the types of people that the Princes Trust help. The purpose of the event was to offer learners the opportunity to gain a level 1 qualification in IT User Skills and a Level 1 qualification in Customer Service. With a two-day work placement and an interview guaranteed at the end, this provides learners with the opportunity to get quality work experience and the possibility of a career in their preferred role.

What we did on the day:

At the start of the day, the group took in a team-building exercise to break the ice. This was beneficial for the comfort of the learners, as it’s quite intimidating walking into a room full of strangers. After the group got to know each other they paired up. Once paired up, they were tasked with creating a team name and a mask that matched it. This task allowed the learners to showcase their artistic skills to each other, creativity that the learners possibly wouldn’t have got to share without the exercise. The learners drew what they were interested in which is important as they were slowly opening themselves up to everyone.

After the first couple of hours, we gave the learners a fifteen-minute break. As we left the room, the learners were in full conversation with each other. This confirmed that the games we played to start the day truly allowed the learners to come out of their shell. We then commenced with the second game of the day. We played a game of classic Guess Who which was immediately a success with the group. Although just strangers a few hours ago, the learners seemed as though they had known each other for years. Allowing the learners to partake in the games did exactly what we intended them to do, not only did they allow the learners to be themselves, it also gave us a chance to get to know a side of them we possibly wouldn’t have got to meet in a sit-down interview.

Once we had got to know the learners it was time to start and think about why they came to ITEC and the Princes Trust. Ultimately to find a job role and a potential career path. We first gave the learners access to the PCs and with the assistance of our ITEC CV builder. The learners were able to create strong and effective CVs. The learners then sat down one on one with our assessors and to try and gauge what area of work they were most interested in and most suitable for.

What’s next for the learners?

The next step for the learners is to come back into the Middlesborough centre and start the course! When they come back, they will begin the two-week course which will provide them with the knowledge and understanding to gain 2 level 1 qualifications, which will be hugely beneficial to their professional career. Within the 2 week period, the learners will have a 2-day placement in companies giving them work experience. This will give the learners the necessary experience to understand if this role is suitable for them. After the work experience, the learners will be ready for an interview in the role of their choice. Giving the learners the opportunity they have been waiting for.


To find out more about the prince’s trust and the amazing work the charity do please visit https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/.


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