IT Users using the Google Suite

Flexible delivery

Free (based on eligibility)

Dedicated tutor support

You will cover all of Google’s business tools and how you can use them to increase business productivity through the power of the cloud. Typical tools include:

* Google Drive
* Google Docs
* Google Sheets
* Google Slides
* Google Forms

Not only will you learn the fundamentals of each application, but you will also learn how to transfer the skills that you have learned over to your business.

This course is a flexible online course. You will receive online support from a dedicated tutor.

This course is a great way for you to look at streamlined solutions for your business and potentially save you time and money in the long run. Traditionally IT Users is delivered using Microsoft Office but by using the Google Suite, you can find out how you can make your business leaner, more centralised and ultimately how to work with a package that is free.

Ideal for beginners and also those with existing IT experience.

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