Hire an apprentice? give me 5 reasons why.

Hire an apprentice? give me 5 reasons why.

1. Grow your apprentice into the perfect employee:

An apprentice is a fantastic way for companies to recruit new members of staff. Although there are benefits from hiring a more experienced person for the job. Going down the route of hiring an apprentice allows you to specifically nurture and grow the apprentice into the perfect type of employee your company is looking for. Usually, apprentices are taken on within the ages of 16-19  and these years are vital for laying the foundations in a young person’s professional career. The apprentice will make sure to repay the faith shown in him as you’re the reason they have a bright future ahead of them. If you want to hire someone 20+ with a bit of work experience then that is fine as well. There truly is no age limit.

2. Fill the gaps in your business:

Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs. When taking a step back and looking at what area of your company needs improving, you might come to the realization that a few of your departments need improving. Taking on an apprentice will allow your employees to develop the specialist skills required to help your business thrive. You can recruit new staff or train existing staff. As long as it is relevant to their role and it is the most appropriate way of developing their skills, you can put current members of staff through apprenticeships to maximize their skill set.   

3. The sky is the limit:

Not only will you be filling in the gaps in your business, but you will also be paving the way for the future of your company. With the specialist skills acquired and 40 – 45 years of working ahead of them until they retire the sky is truly the limit of what kind of valuable asset this apprentice could become. You could be potentially hiring a future CEO of your company and you just don’t know it yet.

4. New apprentice, new ideas:

Having a young person’s perspective within the workplace could be hugely beneficial to your company thus offering a new insight could help in a multitude of ways. A new apprentice could come with new and innovative ideas, therefore, being the catalyst for a new era within your company. They could come up with solutions to problems your company has had for years. The hunger and energy of a younger person could inspire colleagues to work ethic and raise productivity within the workplace.

5. Inspire the youth:

Hiring an apprentice is a very ethical thing to do as you will be doing your bit to lower the unemployment rate in the youth of the UK which is currently at 11%. Some of these apprentices might not have any idea of what to do with their lives and an apprenticeship scheme is exactly what an apprentice will need to help them find their way. The experience they will gain is vital as some apprentices won’t have been given a chance before they were hired, so when they finally were they were inspired to do their job to their fullest ability. As an apprentice myself I can personally vouch for that sentiment.


In summary, there are a plethora of reasons to hire an apprentice.

For more information with regards to apprenticeships please visit https://www.gov.uk/take-on-an-apprentice.


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